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Draw a straight line / Zen for Mouth (performance exaggerating my Occidental/ Oriental Features) 2003-2005

Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles 2003
Tokyo Kezai University, Tokyo 2005

For this performance, calligraphy is written with a beef tongue dipped in used motor oil, drawing a straight line as long as physically possible, until unable to continue. This gesture was executed as identically as possible, first in Los Angeles (2004), then in Tokyo (2005). This is the first of three performances based on LaMonte Young's Compositions 1960 Series:

"Draw a straight line and follow it." - Composition 1960 #10 to Bob Morris


1-4: performance, Los Angeles
5-7: performance, Tokyo
8: video (3:23 min.)

photo: Christine Nguyen, Matt Lipps
video: Yerin Mok    

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