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Speaking of Butterflies 2004

Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

performance & installation with live monarch butterflies, tongue-piercing with silk sutures, leather-bound book, TV monitor with delayed feed

The monarch butterflies are gently tethered to a silk string that is in turn sutured to the tongue, temporarily  connecting bodies across species. The butterflies are released unharmed at the end of the performance. This is the second of three projects based on La Monte Young’s Compositions 1960: 

"Turn a butterfly (or any number of butterflies) loose in the performance area. When the composition is over, be sure to allow the butterfly to fly away outside. The composition may be any length but if an unlimited amount of time is available, the doors and windows may be opened before the butterfly is turned loose and the composition may be considered finished when the butterfly flies away." - Composition 1960 #5 6.8.60

1-6: performance
7: concept sketch
8: video (1:45 min.)

video: Mark Reyes
photo: Allan deSouza

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