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Extracción-Inserción : Wisdom-Juicio 2012

collaboration with Emilio Rojas

Video In, Video Out, Vancouver
Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City

In a collaboration with Emilio Rojas, wisdom teeth (muelas del juicio, or "molars of judgment") are extracted while four text-based tattoos - "jucio" - "guilt", and "sabiduría" - "wisdom" - are "inserted" simultaneously on the artist's feet by a tattoo artist. The first half of the performance took place in Vancouver, and the other half in Mexico.

1: production still
2: panoramic x-ray, Emilio Rojas
3-5: performance stills, VIVO
6, 7: performance stills, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual
8: tattoos on feet, Emlio Rojas

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