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Wrong Places Project 2007 - 2017

Wrong Places Project * (2007 - ) is an ongoing series of site-specific and site-responsive public performances. Staged in various international sites - Nicosia (Cyprus), Santiago (Chile), Mexico City (Mexico), Edmonton and Montréal (Canada) - each iteration begins with research into the geopolitical history of the site, and seemingly disparate political events are remixed - cross-culturally and linguistically. For each project, an iconic public speech relevant to the site is translated, then enunciated in multiple languages. The result, at once dissonant and consonant, is intended to question our historic amnesia, and to trigger a re-imagining of their interconnectedness and continuing relevance to contemporary culture.

* The title is in part a reference to Miwon Kwon's One Place After Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity (MIT Press, 2002). Kwon's analysis of site-specificity provided a theoretical departure point and conceptual framework for the project.


2016 The tank, the poem, and the uniform

2015 El Tanquetazo de Mariposa

2014 Camouflage

2014  Wrong Place / Mauvais Endroit/ Lugar Incorrecto / 틀린 장소A Space Gallery, Toronto

2012 Lugar Incorrecto (El Trabajo de Abrirse), 
        Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Tlatelolco, Mexico City / Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City

2010 A Measure of War (Je me souviens), Montréal

2008 Once de Septiembre (el otro nueve once), La Moneda, Santiago, Chile

2008 I Have (Had) A Dream, Visualeyez Fesitval, Edmonton

2007 A Wrong Place (Greening the DMZ), Nicosia, Cyprus

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