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La Monte Young Projects 2003 - 2017

La Monte Young Projects is a series of performances, videos, and installations that re-imagines Young’s Compositions 1960. Young’s minimalist compositions are interpreted through the lens of interspecies and interracial relations, producing divergent, tangential and often hyperbolic readings - readings that are intended to re-imagine their poetic and political potentials.


2012 Merda di cavillo (dopo Piero Mazoni), Quinary Art Project, Vancouver

2012 Exhibition catalogue, 2nd edition

2008 How To Feed A Piano, Centre A, Vancouver

2007 M Butterfly (after Shigeko Kubota), New York University, NYC

2007 Lepidopterist's Daughters

2007 Phalogocentrix, Fado Performance Inc., Toronto

2006 Mediamorphosis, The Western Front, Vancouver

2006 Glossographia / Glossophagia, Latitude 53, Edmonton

2006 Artifice of Sacrifice, The Western Front, Vancouver

2006 Number Two, VIVO, Vancouver

2006 (No)Tener pelos en la lengua, Universidad Arcis, Santiago, Chile

2005 Oral-Fecal, grunt gallery, Vancouver

2005 (vag)Anal Painting, grunt gallery, Vancouver

2005 Writing on Water, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

2004 Bleeding Book / Linea Lingua, Room Gallery, UC Irvine, Irvine

2004 Linea Lingua, Paxico Gallery, Los Angeles

2004 Speaking of Butterflies, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

2003 Walk a straight line, Irvine - Los Angeles, CA

2003/2005 Zen for Mouth / Draw a straight line
Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles / Tokyo Kezai University, Tokyo

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