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POP Calligraphy 2017

This group of work borrows from Asian calligraphy as the vehicle with which to explore fusions along several axes: word and image, traditional and pop art, Western and Eastern cultures. As ideograph and pictograph, Asian calligraphy is considered an art form that combines the skills of both writing and drawing. Prolonged period of dedicated study and practice is expected in order to achieve an acceptable level of competence and artistry. By self-teaching "calligraphy" in a few months to create new "drawings," my intention is to complicate the ideas of authenticity, originality, and tradition. In some cases, by initially tracing the outlines of the desired forms and drawing over them with ink, I point out the absurdity of taking shortcuts and mimicking the tradition and its aesthetics.


2000 Mustard Seed Garden Manual Project

1999 Logos : Imago

1998 POP Calligraphy 

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