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Phalogocentrix 2007
Music Gallery / St George-the-Martyr Anglican Church,
Toronto March 17, 2007

performance & installation
soundtrack composition by Jason de Couto
curated by Paul Couillard / FADO Performance Inc.

Phalogocentrix reflects on constructions and performativity of language that is at once gendered (phallocentric) and linguistically/ culturally determined (logocentric). Part calligprahy, part yoga, and part breakdancing, this syncretic ritual explores African and Asian cultural affinities/ connectivities, within the theological context/ site of a church. By bringing together traditional and contemporary cultural references, as well as trans-diasporic identities, this work is intended to further ciritical discourse on the relationships between race, gender, and language.

1: production still
2-7: performance
8: video

photos: Jason Fitzpatrick, Miklos Legrady
project assistance: Rinaldo Walcott
essay: see Intimate Distances" by Rinaldo Walcott

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