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A Wrong Place (Greening the DMZ) 2007
Green Line, Nicosia, Cyprus

A Wrong Place is a site-responsive work that was commissioned by CiCAC for the symposium Performing Identity, Crossing Borders. The performance site was at the Green Line in the divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus. Visual signifiers of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea are collapsed onto the contentious politics of the divided island nation, while reunification poetry written by the late Korean dissident Moon Ik-Hwan (문익환, 여는 일) is recited in Korean. The project is intended to raise questions regarding potentials as well as limitations of transnational and translinguistic discourse, to create a wider framework for geopolitics and global cultures. 

Wrong Places
is an on-going series of public performances that bring together seemingly disconnected historical events and places. Other projects from the Wrong Places Series:

I Have/Had A Dream 2008
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A Measure of War (Je me souviens) 2010
Lugares Incorrectos (El trabajo de abrirse) 2012    

1: production still
2: front page of The Globe & Mail, Aug. 1, 1995.
3-7: performance
8: video / audio of poetry by Moon Ik-Hwan (문익환, 여는 일), recited in Korean by Moon Hogeun (문호근) .

photo: Ashok Mathur, Bill Greene, David Khang / video: Bill Greene

This project was generously supported by the British Colubia Arts Council Travel Grant and the Centre for Innovation in Culture & the Arts in Canada.

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