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Serious Games 1998-2002

1, 2: Scrababble 1998
Scrababble is a light-hearted look at the formal and weighty language used in cultural theory. The game's objective is to generate as many new polysyllabic words as possible. The players may then use their new words at the next art opening or cocktail party.

3, 4: Hybrid Blocks 1999
These language-learning blocks are made for polyglot societies, where global movements result in diverse creoles, pidgins, and hybrid languages.

5, 6: Go Hegel Go 2000
The traditional Chinese board game designed for two players, with black and white stones, is altered by introducing glass stones with three different shades of gray.

7: Chess Puzzle 2002
Traditional chessboard is altered so that it also breaks apart into a  jigsaw puzzle. During a match, rather than moving a chess piece, a section of the board may be moved instead, enabling an infinite array of board shapes, and a series of maneuvers with no conclusive winner or loser.

8: Hop, Skip, and .... 2002
A black square within the chalk-drawn hoptscotch on the pavement gives an optical illusion of a hole in the ground.

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