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Wrong Place / Mauvais Endroit / Lugar Incorrecto / 틀린 장소 2014

A Space Gallery, Toronto May 16 - June 14, 2014
Guest performance: Rebecca Belmore
Exhibition Essay: Dina Al-Kassim

Wrong Place / Mauvais Endroit / Lugar Incorrecto / 틀린 장소
is an ongoing series of site-specific and site-responsive public works that are performative. Staged in various international sites - Nicosia (Cyprus), Santiago y Valdivia (Chile), Mexico City (Mexico), Edmonton and Montréal (Canada) - each iteration begins with research of the geopolitical history of the site, and seemingly disparate political events are 'remixed' - cross-culturally and linguistically. Each iteration centres on an iconic public speech, which is translated, then enunciated in multiple languages. The result, at once dissonant and consonant, is intended to question our historic amnesia, and to trigger a re-imagining of their interconnectedness and continuing relevance to contemporary culture. At A Space Gallery, the work becomes a multimedia installation based on the original performances: painted military fatigues, flags, a bicycle-powered mini-tank, and videodocumentation of the original site-specific performances.

1-5: installation views (photos: David Khang; video editing: Maksim Bentsianov)
6,7: performance stills (photos: Dax Morrison)
8: video documentation

Wrong Places Project includes the following site-specific public performances:

A Wrong Place (Greening the DMZ) 2007  Nicosia, Cyprus 
Once de Septiembre (el otro nueve once con el tankecito) 2008  Santiago y Valdivia de Chile
I Have (Had) A Dream 2008  Edmonton, Canada 
A Measure of War (Je me souviens) 2010  Montréal, Canada 
Lugares Incorrectos (El trabajo de abrirse) 2012   Mexico City, Mexico

Review in Canadian Art, by Ashley Johnson: “David Khang’s Wrong Places Does Political Art Right”

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