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Tooth 2 Shark (How deep is the skin of teeth) 2010-2010

SymbioticA, University of Western Australia, Perth

While at SymbioticA residency, a second research was conducted on shark skin, based on the evolutionary trait of shark skin that is covered with tiny denticles, which are in turn tipped with enamel. Various scanning techniques - including scanning electron microscope and dissecting microscope were used to investigate the similarities and differences. 

1: samples of human molar, shark skin
2: samples coated with carbon and gold
3: scanning electron micrograph (SEM), University of Western Australia
4: human molar + shark skin under SEM
5: human molar + shark skin under dissecting microscope
6: sample of shark skin
7: concept sketch for animation
8: concept sketch for animation
(see animation completed 2012 - Amelogenesis Imperfecta)

Photos: David Khang

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