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Oral Fixations 2002 - 2017

Oral Fixations (2002 - ) is an ongoing body of work that crosses disciplinary borders between art and dentistry. Drawing from dual education and training, I borrow dental techniques, technologies, and biomaterials – from stem cell research to Botox injections – and incorporate them into sculptures, photographs, videos, and performances. These works represent open-ended explorations that investigate new ways of incorporating biological media traditionally limited to scientific research or clinical practice, and merge them with contemporary new media art discourse. The process highlights the ongoing challenges of engaging in substantive, robust, and meaningful interdisciplinarity between Art and Science.


2014 Toxicity, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg

2013 Subtle Technologies, Toronto

2012 Beautox Me, CSA Space, Vancouver

2012 Amelogenesis Imperfecta, grunt gallery, Vancouver

2013  Amelogenesis Imperfecta (flip book animation)

2012 Extraction-Insertion: Wisdom-Jucio (with Emilio Rojas), Vancouver / Mexico City

2010 SymbioticA Centre for Excellence in Biological Art, UWA, Perth (AUS), Artist residency

2009 How To Draw Happiness행복그리기, documentary film by Young-hwa Cho

2009 Welcome to the Dollhouse, TRUCK Gallery, Calgary

2009 Study #1 (collaboration with Ziyian Kwan), Brief Encounters 12, Vancouver

2008 Dental Drawings, The Western Front, Vancouver

2008 Oral Chamber (Cadmus' Humunculi), A Space Gallery, Toronto

2008 Dr.DK(decay)'s Tooth Booth / Engraving Service, A Space Gallery, Toronto

2007 Tooth Jar (collaboration with Jeremy Hatch), Vancouver

2006 Artifice of Sacrifice, The Western Front, Vancouver

2002 Amputeeth

2002 Pearls of Wisdom   

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