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The Library Project: Interdisciplinarity as Catalyst for Knowledge 2016

Performance by Dr. Margaret Dragu 
with Drs. David Khang, Lois Klassen, and Jinhan Ko

Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
January 30, 2016

As a response to Margaret Dragu's call to interdisciplinarity,
a powerpoint lecture cycled through interdisciplinary explorations -
in Dentistry, Art, and finally Law - marking the unveiling of a new
public performance persona, "Dr. Juris"

1, 2: Dr. Margaret Dragu
3: Pen-is-Mightier-than-a-Sword dance
4: GET SOCIAL OR GET LOST, Instant Coffee
5: Doctor Decay, D.D.S.
6. Master Monarch, M.F.A.
7: Doctor Juris, J.D. candidate
8: Honorary Doctors, The University of Margaret Dragu

Photo: Trasi Jang
Tailor: Blair Shapera

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