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How To Feed A Piano 2008
A collaboration with Candice Hopkins
Piano by Hank Bull & Joomi Seo
Curated by Makiko Hara, Centre A, Vancouver

Performance: May 16, 2008; Exhibition: May 17 - 24, 2008
Panel Discussion: Candice Hopkins, Larissa Lai, Rinaldo Walcott

How To Feed A Piano is the third and final component of a performance series based on La Monte Young's Compositions 1960 :

Bring a bale of hay and a bucket of water onto the stage for the piano to eat and drink. The performer may then feed the piano or leave it to eat by itself. If the former, the piece is over after the piano has been fed. If the latter, it is over after the piano eats or decides not to.  - Piano Piece for David Tudor #1 (1960)

Feed the piano hay and water while accompanied by pianist(s). Climb inside, and through the piano. Cover the front of the body in blue paint. Be harnessed to the horse, and pulled along to draw a line. The horse rider is a First Nations woman, or an Indian cowboy.  - Instructions for How To Feed A Piano (2008)

1-5: performance; 6, 7: installation
8: video

photo: William Ting; video: Dustin Wadsworth, Dylan Morgan
project advisors: Garry Gottfriedson, Gerry O'Neill
catalogue essays: Candice Hopkins, Larissa Lai, & Rinaldo Walcott

This project was generously supported by Franklin Furnace Archive, The Canada Council for the Arts, & the British Columbia Arts Council

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