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Dental Drawing (Huesos Santos) 2008

A collaboration with Cheto Castellano
Guest appearance by Coco Rico
Curated by Natalie Loveless
The Western Front, Vancouver, June 7, 2008

Dental Drawing
is a collaboration between Cheto Castellano and David Khang. Castellano, a Chilean artist and body hacker, manipulates his corpus through tattoos, incisions, implants, etc., while Khang, whose work often utilizes organs of language as prosthetics, is informed by clinical training in dentistry. This collaboration is a unique marriage of practices, where Khang (aka Dr.DK/decay) will perform live dentistry on Castellano’s teeth, creating dental decorations in traditional Mayan designs that are reminiscent of Latin America’s pre-colonial heritage. This performance will happen in two stages in the two cities the artists call home – Vancouver and Santiago de Chile.


1-8: performance

photo: Julie Gendron, Natalie Loveless
video: Young Hwa Cho
porcelain tooth: by Ricochet Studio (in collaboration with Jeremy Hatch)

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