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Dr.DK(decay)'s Tooth Booth / Engraving Service 2008

A Space Gallery, Toronto
Co-presented with FADO Performance, Inc.

During the opening night and throughout the exhibition, audience members were invited to bring their exfoliated baby or wisdom teeth, to have them professionally engraved with the text and/or image of their choice. Following instructions were given:

1. On the envelope provided, write your name, address, and e-mail contact on one side, and write your desired text, draw (or describe) your image, or both.
2. Insert the tooth/teeth inside the envelope, and the amount in coins that you remember receiving from the tooth fairy when you lost your tooth/teeth.
3. Your newly engraved tooth/teeth will be delivered to you in the mail.

photo: David Khang

This project was generously supported by the British Columbia Arts Council.

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