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I Have (Had) A Dream 2008
Visualeyez Festival, Edmonton, AB

In 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial (Washington DC), Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I Have A Dream" speech for the American civil rights movement. 45 years later, this speech is translated into Korean, recited for an Anglophone audience, while wearing a Korean military uniform painted in UN-blue. English words and phrases spliced into the speech become cues for imbedded "assassins" to shoot pink paintballs at the uniform as well as the portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama. After the performance, the blue uniform is painted pink (reference to the term "pinkos" used to label Communist sympathizers). Through the conflicted emotional memory and prism of an era that represented hopes for social justice, contemporary political climate and events are re-interpreted and reevaluated.

I Have (Had) A Dream is the second project in an on-going series of public projects titled Wrong Places. After researching specific geopolitical histories, seemingly disparate historical events are juxtaposed or 'remixed' together, to produce dissonant as well as consonant readings, and to re-imagine these events' poetic and political potentials.

Other projects from the Wrong Places Series:
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1: production still
2-6: performance
7: repainted military fatigue
8: video documentation (6'38")

photos: Jessica Tse / video: Yulia Startsev / video edit: Young Hwa Cho

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