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Once de Septiembre (el otro 9.11 con el tankecito) 2008
La Moneda, Santiago de Chile

Once de Septiembre is a sight-specific public performance at La Moneda, the Chilean presidential palace. The project remembers the 1973 military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet and supported by the CIA and the Chicago school of economics that sought to overturn Chile's socialist movement.

A bicycle-powered miniature tank (referencing the tanks used in the military attack) becomes the vehicle for reciting/remembering Salvador Allende's final presidential speech before his death. The speech is read in Spanish and Korean.

The work is completed in Valdivia, Chile, when the pink military fatigue is painted in the colour copper, or cobre - one of the main driving forces of Chilean economy, and one of the few industries that remained in public control after the post-coup privatization of Chilean economy.

Wrong Placesis an ongoing series of site-specific public performances. After researching specific geopolitical histories, seemingly disparate events are juxtaposed or remixed, to produce dissonant as well as consonant readings, and to re-imagine these events' poetic and political potentials. Other projects from the Wrong Places series include:

A Wrong Place (Greening the DMZ) 2007
I Have (Had) A Dream 2008    
A Measure of War (Je me souviens) 2010
Lugares Incorrectos 2012

1: La Moneda under attack, 1973.9.11
2-5: performance, La Moneda, Santiago
6, 7: performance, Valdivia
8: video documentation (3'20")

Photo: Jorge Aceituno / Video: Cheto Castellano, Ivan Fuentealba / video edit: Young Hwa Cho

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