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Glossographia / Glossophagia 2006
Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton, AB
performance & 4-channel video installation

Glossographia is a performance using a beef tongue to write/draw calligraphy, switching randomly between 5 different languages. Throughout the performance, the text gradually slips and slurs into automatic writing - a graphic equivalent of glossolalia. The performance is complete when the tongue is branded with the Hebrew words ןיאמר (vayomer, which means "and to say") -  a speech act that is at once a creative act in the Torah.

Glossophagia is a performance with audience participation, for which beef tongue is served as hors d'oeuvres during the opening reception of the exhibition.


1: production still
2: performance
3: installation
4-6: performance
7: Glossophagia
8: video (floor camera)

photo: Jessica Tse
video: David Khang

Exhibition Essay: "The Problemed Body" by Ashok Mathur

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