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Artifice of Sacrifice 2006
The Western Front, Vancouver
SLITS 2, curated by Victoria Singh

performance/installation with calligraphy brush and wisdom teeth sutured into beef tongue, tent, two TV monitors outside (1 live feed & 1 pre-recorded dvd)


This installation/performance is a direct response to the curatorial premise - on how performance art communicates pain to the audience "without penetrating the skin."

Artifice of Sacrifice
invokes two methods: first, by piercing the skin of an Other - that of an animal - a method commonly practiced in scientific research, as well as in religious rituals; and second, by designing multiple mediating modalities - live performance in real time, as well as two TV monitors where one monitor is a live feed, while the other is pre-recorded. The result is an experience of the "same" event, differentiated in time and space.

1-7: performance & installation
8: video

photo & video: Jeremy Hatch

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